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CULTEC No. 66 Woven Geotextile is designed to provide an economical solution to prevent scouring at inlets and beneath the CULTEC internal manifold feature. It may also utilized below the chambers of the CULTEC Separator Row as a barrier to prevent soil/ contaminate intrusion and allow maintenace of the water quality system.

CULTEC No. 66 is a woven geotextile of 100% high-tenacity, slit-film polypropylene yarns which are woven into a stable network such that they retain their relative position, and finished with selvage edges to prevent fraying. CULTEC No. 66 achieves higher tensile strengths at low elongation (high modulus),and is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids.

AASHTO M 288-06: CULTEC No. 66 exceeds the geotextile requirements for SEPARATION / CLASSES 1 and 2 (WOVEN) and STABILIZATION / CLASSES 1 and 2 (WOVEN).

Unit of Measure


N/A Black

Grab Tensile (ASTM-D-4632)

N/A 315 lbs.1,401 N

Elongation (ASTM D-4632)

N/A 15 %

Mullen Burst (ASTM-D-3786)

N/A 600 psi4138 kPa

Trapezoid Tear (ASTM-D-4533)

N/A 115 lbs.511.5 N

Puncture (ASTM-D-4833)

N/A 150 lbs.667.2 N

CBR Puncture

N/A 900 lbs.4.00 kN

UV Resistance (ASTM-D-4355)

N/A 70%

Permittivity (ASTM-D-4491)

N/A 0.05 sec-1

Flow Rate (ASTM-D-4491)

N/A 4 gal/min/sf160 l/min/sq.mt

Apparent Opening Size (ASTM-D-4751)

N/A 40 U.S. Sieve0.425 mm