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The PAC™ 150 is an 18.5" (470 mm) tall chamber typically used as an alternate to pipe for water conveyance. The PAC™ 150 has a solid bottom plate and four side portals for easy distribution of feed lines or outlets. CULTEC's HVLV™ FC-24 Feed Connectors or pipe may be inserted into the side portals to feed the chamber.
Unit of Measure


N/A 11 ft3.35 m


N/A 33 in838 mm


N/A 18.50 in470 mm

Installed Length

N/A 10.25 ft3.12 m

Length Adjustment per Run

N/A 0.75 ft0.23 m

Chamber Storage

N/A 2.650 ft³/ft27.16 ft³/unit0.25 m³/m0.77 m³/unit

Min. Area Required per Unit

N/A 33.31 ft²3.09 m²

Max. Inlet Opening in End Wall

N/A 12 in300 mm

Max. Allowable O.D. in Side Portal

N/A 10 in250 mm

Compatible Feed Connector

N/A HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector