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The CULTEC StormFilter 330 is designed to be a secondary in-line filter system that effectively removes many of the smaller particles not eliminated by conventional structures during the pre-treatment process.

CULTEC StormFilter 330 is a pass-through filter system. It has a welded and secured solid bottom.
Unit of Measure


N/A 8.00 ft2.44 m


N/A 55 in1397 mm


N/A 36 in914 mm

Access Opening Diameter

N/A 22.5 in572 mm


N/A 418.5 gal1584 L

Max. Allowable Cover

N/A 1.22 m4 ft

Max. Inlet Opening in End Wall

N/A 24 in600 mm

Compatible Feed Connector

N/A HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector

Treatment Capability

N/A 740.6 gpm2800 lpm