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HVLV SFCx2 Feed Connectors may be used to create an internal manifold by inserting them into the side portals of the CULTEC stormwater chamber. The HVLV SFCx2 Feed Connector may be used with the Contactor 100HD chambers. They have a larger flow capacity than 6" (150 mm) diameter pipe.

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Unit of Measure


N/A 19.70 in500 mm


N/A 12 in305 mm


N/A 7.6 in194 mm

Installed Length (exposed)

N/A For Contactor 100HD: 102 mm typ.] For Contactor 100HD: 4" typ.

Chamber Storage

N/A 0.29 ft³/ft0.03 m³/m

Compatible Models

N/A Contactor 100HD