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HVLV F-110x4 Feed Connectors may be used to create an internal manifold by inserting them into the side portals of the CULTEC stormwater chamber. The HVLV F-110x4 Feed Connector may be used with Recharger V8SHD Starter and V8EHD End chambers. They have a larger flow capacity than 18" (450 mm) diameter pipe.

May only be used with the Recharger V8SHD and Recharger V8EHD.

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Unit of Measure


N/A 39.00 in991 mm


N/A 27.5 in699 mm


N/A 18.00 in457 mm

Installed Length (exposed)

N/A For Recharger V8HD: 152 mm typ. For Recharger V8HD: 6" typ.

Chamber Storage

N/A 1.97 ft³/ft0.18 m³/m

Compatible Models

N/A Recharger V8RHD, V8SHD and V8EHD