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UPDATE: The HVLV 180 Header System is no longer required for use with the Recharger series. CULTEC has added a side portal internal manifold system to the following models: Recharger 180, 280, 330, & 330XL. All new designs are able to utilize the internal manifold feature, however, the HVLV 180 Header System is still available if an external manifold is desired.

The HVLV™ 180SC Straight Connector Header Section comes open on both endwalls and sidewalls. It is used to extend the length of a header run. The sidewalls may be trimmed to accept HVLV™ FC-24 Feed Connectors. May be used with CULTEC Recharger® models 180, 280, 330 and 330XL for stormwater applications as replacement for internal manifold feature or conventional pipe manifold systems. Available in heavy-duty only. See also HVLV 180BT Blind Tee..

Chamber-type High Volume, Low Velocity (HVLV™) Header System that may be used in conjunction with its CULTEC Recharger® 180, 280, 330 and 330XL stormwater chambers. The HVLV™ 180 Header System alleviates the need for a conventional pipe and stone manifold system. The units have an open bottom to allow for maximum flow volumes at a retarded rate of speed similar to the design of its plastic stormwater chambers. This allows the water to move at a slower rate and infiltrate rather than outflow.

The open bottom of the HVLV™ 180 Header system permits capitalizing on the infiltrative capabilities of the manifold while also conveying the stormwater to the CULTEC Recharger® stormwater management chamber system.

Feed connectors are inserted into the HVLV™ 180 Header sections to act as feed lines to the bed of stormwater detention/retention chambers.
Unit of Measure


N/A 5.02 ft1.53 m


N/A 36 in914.4 mm


N/A 20.50 in520.7 mm

Installed Length (exposed)

N/A varies

Chamber Storage

N/A 3.445 ft³/ft0.32 m³/m

Compatible Models

N/A Recharger models 180HD, 280HD, 330HD, 330XLHD

Sidewall Connector dimensions to accept HVLV™ F-24 Feed Connector

N/A 12 x 16 in304.8 x 406.4 mm