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The Recharger® V8HD is a 32" (813 mm) tall, high capacity chamber.

Available models:
Recharger V8RHD Heavy Duty Stand Alone Unit
Recharger V8SHD Heavy Duty Starter Unit
Recharger V8IHD Heavy Duty Intermediate Unit
Recharger V8EHD Heavy Duty End Unit

The Recharger V8IHD Intermediate unit is longer in length than the other Recharger V8HD models. This difference must be considered during product specification, calculation and design.

For design assistance, please contact our Technical Department at 203-775-4416 or tech@cultec.com 

Unit of Measure


N/A 60 in1524 mm


N/A 32 in813 mm

Chamber Storage

N/A 8.68 ft³/ft0.81 m³/m

Min. Installed Storage

N/A 13.27 ft³/ft2.82 m³/m

Max. Allowable Cover

N/A 2.44 m8 ft

Compatible Feed Connector

N/A varies