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The Recharger 902HD End Cap is used with the Recharger 902HD Stormwater Chamber to cap the end of chamber rows. 

Unit of Measure


N/A 0.81 ft0.25 m


N/A 78 in1982 mm


N/A 48.5 in1231 mm

Installed Length

N/A 0.52 ft0.16 m

Chamber Storage

N/A 5.34 ft³/ft2.76 ft³/unit0.50 m³/m0.08 m³/unit

Min. Installed Storage

N/A 19.88 ft³/ft10.28 ft³/unit1.85 m³/m0.29 m³/unit

Max. Inlet Opening in End Wall

N/A 24 in600 mm