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Model # 280HD, Recharger 280HD

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The Recharger® 280HD is a 26.5" (673 mm) tall, mid-size chamber and is typically used for installations with depth restrictions or when a larger infiltrative area is required. The Recharger® 280HD has the side portal internal manifold feature. HVLV™ FC-24 Feed Connectors are inserted into the side portals to create the internal manifold.

Available models:
Recharger 280RHD Heavy Duty Stand Alone Unit
Recharger 280SHD Heavy Duty Starter Unit
Recharger 280IHD Heavy Duty Intermediate Unit
Recharger 280EHD Heavy Duty End Unit

Check out our StormGenie Automated Drawing Program to design your Recharger 280HD Stormwater System.

Complete your preliminary calculations using our Stormwater Design Calculator.

Click here to request a copy of our CULTEC Stormwater Design Guide.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both



8.00 ft
2.44 m


47 inches
1194 mm


26.50 inches
673 mm

Installed Length

7.00 ft
2.13 m

Length Adjustment per Run

1.00 ft
0.30 m

Chamber Storage

6.079 ft³/ft
48.632 ft³/unit
364 gal
0.57 m³/m
1.38 m3/unit
1377.04 L

Min. Installed Storage - Intermediate

9.21 ft³/ft
64.46 ft³/unit
482 gal
0.86 m³/m
1.83 m3/unit
1825.21 L

Min. Area Required per Unit

30.33 ft²
2.82 m²

Min. Center to Center Spacing (Design Unit Width)

4.33 ft
1.32 m

Max. Allowable Cover

3.66 m
12 ft

Max. Inlet Opening in Endwall

18 in
450 mm

Side Portal Dimensions (H x W)

12 x 12 in
305 x 305 mm

Max. Allowable Pipe Size in Side Portal

10 in
250 mm

Compatible Feed Connector

HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector


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·  Commercial Application

·  Residential Stormwater Application

·  Recharger 280RHD w side portal


CAD - Recharger 280HD SWS Design Aide

CAD - R-280HD-3 View

CAD - Recharger 280HD Details for Paved Traffic Application

PDF - Recharger 280HD Submittal Package
(PDF, 5502KB)

PDF - Recharger 280HD Product Specifications
(PDF, 749KB)

PDF - R-280HD 3 view
(PDF, 247KB)

PDF - Recharger 280HD Details for Paved Traffic Application
(PDF, 2710KB)

PDF - Stormwater Product Brochure - CULG016 11-13
(PDF, 3999KB)

PDF - CULG062 Stormwater Flyer
(PDF, 384KB)

PDF - Stormwater Flyer - CUL116
(PDF, 800KB)

PDF - CULG008 Operation & Maintenance Guidelines for CULTEC Chambers
(PDF, 387KB)

PDF - Residential Drainage Brochure - CULG010
(PDF, 334KB)

PDF - Contactor & Recharger Stormwater Installation Instructions - CULG012
(PDF, 1330KB)

(PDF, 212KB)

PDF - Recharger Series End Detail and Interlock Information
(PDF, 2881KB)

XLS - CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator v. 2012-02
(XLS, 5306KB)

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