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  • CULTEC 12" - 48" high stormwater chambers

    The CULTEC Contactor and Recharger chambers replace conventional stormwater management systems such as ponds, swales, pipe and stone trenches or beds, or concrete structures. The chambers may be used for drywells. They may be installed in trench or bed configurations according to site restrictions or client preference. Contact area is maximized by the fully open bottoms and perforated sidewalls. The chambers are typically installed subsurface beneath parking areas to capitalize on use of space, however, they may also be placed in grassy areas.

    CULTEC offers the largest variety of chamber sizes and therefore is able to accommodate almost any site parameter whether it is big or small.

    Sizes range from 8.5” to 48” tall. Chamber storage capacities range from 0.819 ft³/ft to 17.66 ft³/ft.

    System benefits include:

        Maximum use of land area
        Ability to recharge water on-site
        Less heavy equipment required
        Overlapping rib connection is fast and easy to install
        Repeating support panel adds to strength of installation
        Chemically resistant
        Sub-surface installation cuts down on insurance liabilities and potential breeding grounds for infectious mosquitoes
        Ability to stack units for trouble-free stockpiling on jobsite and shipping

    CULTEC’s Recharger series are higher profile, larger capacity chambers. Typical CULTEC stormwater systems are designed by using the largest chamber that meets the site’s depth constraint. By doing so you reduce the number of chambers and land area required. You maximize storage volume at the given workable elevations.

    CULTEC’s low profile Contactor series can accommodate systems with high water tables or other depth restraints. The lower profile units may also be used when a larger infiltrative surface area is required by design

    CULTEC chambers may be installed in multiple layers to accommodate tight site constraints. The Contactor Chamber series consists of lower profile, lower capacity chambers and are typically used for installations with depth restrictions or when a larger infiltrative area is required. Conventional manifolds must be used with all models in this series except the Contactor 100HD. The Contactor 100HD has the side portal internal manifold option.

    The Recharger series consists of higher profile, higher capacity chambers. When using this series, less chambers are required resulting in less labor and a smaller installation area.
    Heavy Duty (HD) versions must be used for traffic applications.

    Our most popular and cost-effective models used for stormwater are the 100HD, 150XLHD, 280HD, 330XLHD, & 902HD. Other models are available but not listed. Please contact our Technical Department at 203-775-4416 if the models listed below do not fit your parameters.

  • Contactor & Recharger Stormwater Chambers/CULTEC Manifold Components/HVLV V8 Header Systems (V8IHD, F-110x4, HVLV V8R) - 2

    CULTEC currently manufactures two types of manifolds:

    1. Internal Manifolds
    2. External Manifolds
    Internal Manifolds

    Feed Connectors are inserted into the side portals of the CULTEC chambers to create internal manifold systems. The different model numbers may only be used in conjunction with specific chambers.

    The HVLV SFCx2 Feed Connector may only be used with the Contactor 100HD to create a side portal internal manifold.

    The HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector may only be used with the Recharger 150XLHD, Recharger 180HD, Recharger 280HD, Recharger 330XLHD, and Recharger V8IHD Intermediate to create a side portal internal manifold.

    The HVLV F-110x4 Feed Connector may only be used with the Recharger V8SHD Starter and V8EHD end units to create a side portal internal manifold.

    A CULTEC No. 20L™ Polyethylene Liner is placed beneath the feed connector locations to prevent scouring and to provide a smooth surface upon which the stormwater may travel.

    External Manifolds:

    When an internal manifold is not desired, you may use the HVLV 180 Header System as an external manifold instead of a conventional pipe manifold.

    The HVLV 180BT Blind Tee and HVLV 180SC Straight Connector are used with the HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector to create an external chamber-type manifold.

    The HVLV 180 Header System may be used in conjunction with its CULTEC Recharger 280HD and Recharger 330XLHD stormwater chambers. The units have an open bottom to allow for maximum flow volumes at a retarded rate of speed similar to the design of its plastic stormwater chambers. This allows the water to move at a slower rate and infiltrate rather than outflow.

    A CULTEC No. 20L™ Polyethylene Liner is placed beneath the HVLV™ Header System to prevent scouring and to provide a smooth surface upon which the stormwater may travel.

    Feed connectors are inserted into the HVLV™ Header sections to act as feed lines to the bed of stormwater detention/retention chambers.

    The HVLV 180 Header System goes in front of the chamber bed when used with Recharger Models 280HD and 330XLHD. By installing the header first, it presets the center to center spacing of the Recharger chamber rows.

    CULTEC Chambers have a higher storage capacity in a lower profile product and require less stone than HDPE pipe.

    Advantages over conventional pipe manifolds:
    No haunching
    No critical alignment
    No heavy equipment for placement
    Less burial depth required
    Smaller separation requirements
    Less stone

  • Water Conveyance Products (PAC 150)

    Information on Water Conveyance Products.
    These chambers are not perforated and have a solid bottom plate. They may be used for water conveyance in place of pipe.

  • Stormwater Water Quality Units

    Engineers, developers and property owners are faced with tough environmental regulations aimed at stopping pollutants in stormwater runoff from being discharged into local waterways.

    The CULTEC StormFilter® series was designed to be a secondary water quality unit that effectively removes many of the smaller particles not eliminated by conventional structures during the pretreatment process. If allowed to pass through unobstructed, these particles may eventually lower the overall performance of your stormwater management system. CULTEC’s cost effective StormFilter water quality units require less space and are a sensible Best Management Practice for complying with Phase II of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s stormwater program.

    The StormFilter utilizes a pass through baffle system to separate solids. 

    They are plastic chambers that include pass-thru filter frame(s) that remove debris, silt and fines from stormwater.

  • Stormwater System Accessories

    These products include stormwater system accessories that may be used with CULTEC's Contactor® and Recharger® chambers such as filter fabric, woven geotextile and warning tape.

  • Landscaper Series Rainwater Chambers (V8R LS)

    Information on the Landscaper Series™ chambers used in residential applications to control rainwater collected from gutters and/or catch basins.