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Storm Water Products

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IMG - Stormwater Chambers


Information on CULTEC Plastic Stormwater Chambers for retention, detention, infiltration and rainwater harvesting systems.
Recharger V8 SW Bed

Headers & Feed Connectors - (Manifold Systems)


Information on CULTEC manifold (a.k.a. feed lines or header) products.

CULTEC currently manufactures two types of manifolds:
1.) Internal Manifolds
2.) External Manifolds

Product Image PAC 150

Water Conveyance Products

Information on Water Conveyance Products.
These chambers are not perforated and have a solid bottom plate. They may be used for water conveyance in place of pipe.

StormFilter 400

Water Quality Units

Information on CULTEC StormFilter series.
Plastic chamber that includes pass-thru filter frame(s) that remove debris, silt and fines from stormwater for water quality.

Stormwater Acceory Group



Information on CULTEC Stormwater System accessories.
These products include stormwater system accessories that may be used with Contactor® and Recharger® chambers such as filter fabric, polyehtylene liner and warning tape.


Landscaper Series

Information on the Landscaper Series™ chambers used in residential applications to control rainwater collected from gutters and/or catch basins.